Scan of UX paper sketches


UX Design / Axure Prototyping


A client who manufactures medical equipment needed to communicate to its leadership a vision for transforming the company’s website into a site that could deliver a customized experience for every visitor. Technologies like IP sniffing and social sign-on are easier shown than described, so I created a clickable prototype that demonstrated various levels of customization for a variety of users, from first time visitors to site account holders.

The client also needed fresh ideas for collecting user information, so I also created some data collection experience flows that incorporated new valued added features and content. This would entice users to complete their profiles and add more information to inform better content targeting.

The result? Unanimously positive feedback and additional funding for pursuing the concept further.

Content Access
To encourage users to complete their site profile, unique content could be accessed if the user provided missing profile information.
Screenshot of Content access prototype
Before the video starts, the user is given the opportunity to provide missing profile information.
Screenshot of Content access prototypeScreenshot of Content access prototype
Online Tools
To drive account creation, we proposed offering site tools, like personalized libraries, to save the user’s product support content.
Screenshot of Online tools prototype
After the file downloads, the user is offered the chance to create a site account that can save downloaded files for easy access and sharing.
Screenshot of Online tools prototypeScreenshot of Online tools prototype